Faith Anguita

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About Faith Anguita

Faith Anguita was born and raised in Belleville, New Jersey. After graduating from Belleville High School, Faith’s passion for real estate grew as she watched her father’s happiness in making real estate dreams come true. She just couldn’t wait to do the same and help her father grow his business. While attending Five Town College, Faith is teaming with her father in helping people reach a very important milestone in their lives. Whether it’s their first rental or their first home, the joy and excitement of taking that journey with them is rewarding.

As a Belleville local, Faith is knowledgeable and passionate about her community. That, paired with great work ethic and excellent customer service skills allows her to connect with clients and meet them where they are, whatever their need.

When Faith isn’t helping people find their dream home, she can be found enjoying the arts. As a musician, she enjoys crafting, painting, writing, and poetry. She also enjoys spending time in strengthening her real estate business.

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